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PostgreSQL vendor-specific metapackage for DbMover


Composer (recommended)

$ composer require dbmover/pgsql

Setup and running

See the Dbmover README for instructions on setting up and running DbMover.

Add the Dbmover\Pgsql\Plugin meta-plugin to simply use the defaults.

PostgreSQL specific notes

Serial primary keys

PostgreSQL uses the custom SERIAL datatype for defining an auto-incrementing unique column to be used as a primary key. However, this is not an actual datatype but rather shorthand for a more verbose manual command. So (unsurprisingly) DbMover doesn't know what to do with it. Write the more verbose full commands instead:


Database users and privileges

PostgreSQL's INFORMATION_SCHEMA aliases contain more data than you would define in a schema file, especially for routines (its native functions are also exposed there). You should always run DbMover as a user with privileges for only the database being migrated. All plugins try their best to only work on objects defined as public, but better safe than sorry.


Support for enums

These are implemented in Postgres as a sort of custom data types. Support is on the roadmap, but since I personally never use them it's not very high on my (annoyingly long) list of priorities :)